About us – OneYouth OneHeart Initiative

ONEYOUTH ONEHEART (OYOH) is a youth led initiative that aims at bridging the  gap between refugee (urban&camp) as well as host community youth.


OneYouth OneHeart a youth-led initiative that was formed under the umbrella of UNHCR to bridge the gap between refugee youth and host community youth. OneYouth OneHeart initiative is Uganda’s Innovation initiative that was spearheaded by Keiko (formerly our in-house Innovation fellow) with support from HQ.
However the initiative went under the mentorship of Emily Byaruhanga also(an in-house innovation fellow)
This initiative begun in 2014 and gave birth to One Youth One Heart (OYOH).OYOH is an initiative of comprising of youth from various backgrounds from the refugee and host communities that work together jointly to bring to find innovative solutions to problems faced by refugee youth (as well as nationals).


One Youth One Heart nurtures a generation of youth that goes beyond. The generation will go beyond any possible barriers, limits, themselves, frontiers, cultures, nations, boundaries, dreams and imaginations.


One Youth One Heart initiative co-creates a platform where youth can dream, inspire and change.


  • Co-create a platform where:
  1. Youth freely express their views, opinions, dreams and aspirations in order to give them a voice;
  2. Youth build knowledge and leadership skills in order to enhance their creative confidence;
  3. Youth build partnership and become peace builders in order to bridge the gaps and divide among youth;
  4. Youth co-create an innovative space and activities and initiatives to jointly solve their challenges.
  5. Build partnership in order to create opportunities by, with and for the youth.

Approaches & Strategies:

  • Peer to peer approach
  • Youth-focus and youth driven
  • Youth empowerment
  • Holistic involvement of youth impacting society
  • Project based learning and action oriented

Words that we do not use were identified. Some words that we use imply the division between service providers and beneficiaries. One youth One Heart will tackle this dichotomy by intentionally not using the following words:

  • Issues
  •  Provision
  • Assistance
  • Service
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