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By early December, Uganda had become home to almost 511,000 refugees and asylum-seekers, the highest number ever in the country’s history. More than 100,000 have so far arrived in 2015, making Uganda the third-largest refugee-hosting country in Africa, after Ethiopia (836,000) and Kenya (594,000).
OYOH is Uganda’s innovation initiative spearheaded by Keiko with support from UNHCR Innovation.. READ MORE

Article 189 Schedule 6 of the 1995 constitution of Uganda reserved the refugees protection functions to the central government. This constitutional provision mandates the Department of Refugees to protect and coordinate the refugees programs in the country Mission Statement.

To manage the response to refugees in Uganda by assuring the welfare and protection within the framework of national policy, international laws and standards, while safeguarding the local and national interests…READ MORE

OYOH is currently partnering with Windle Trust Uganda as UNHCR’s implementing partner to support our projects co-creation and implementation.

In the years 2006 to 2010, Windle Trust Uganda’s largest programme was funded by the Dutch Government which offered support to secondary schools and vocational training colleges in Northern Uganda, Western Uganda and partly Central Uganda so that they may train and educate 3500 young Ugandans who were victims of instability. WTU also manages scholarship programmes for refugees in Uganda supporting students at secondary, vocational and undergraduate level.READ MORE

OYOH has previously worked with InterAid to implement some of its activities like the community cleaning activity commemorating the 2015 international youth day to strengthen youth civic engagement.

Further more OYOH inspired the InterAid TUNAWEZA production which was carried out in conjunction with Makerere University School of performing Arts.
The production proceeded the Youth Connect Event at National theater which provided youth a platform to showcase their talents.


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