School Innovation Challenge – OneYouth OneHeart Initiative


The school innovation challenge is a program focusing on enhancing the levels of innovations among students.


The project is targeting government secondary schools since they have a high number of both refugees and Ugandan students.

Innovative ideas formulated among students are going to be chosen for support in the challenge.


The project promotes peer to peer learning and improves students’ skills through capacity building innovation OneYouth OneHeart clubs.

The program requires students to carryout research with the help of their teachers.  The project selected must be innovative, sustainable and must have a big positive impact in society.


All projects are then enrolled into the U Spark hub innovation Center and online platform where best project is incorporated and controlled by the school for its continuity.


Participants in the challenge must be students in” A” level and must submit their accredited documents to the committee for approval. Every school taking part in the challenge must have only 5 participants and must pick the forms for participation with a fee then only can they take part in the challenge.

Former challenge winners 2016

The 2016 school challenge saw 4 schools participate i.e Vocational Training Center, Nakivale Secondary School, Bujubuli Vocation Secondary School, Rwamwanja Secondary School and  Rwamurunga Secondary School from Nakivale settlement,  Isingiro District who tackled a question “How might we students come up with sustainable income generating activities/projects in schools to solve some of the financial issues of our fellow students?” carrying out Piggery, Poultry, Art and crafts, Vegetable growing and Bakery projects respectively.

The students designed projects from the training. They were assigned to use the acquired knowledge and leverage the available resources to implement their projects and to design their innovation clubs. OneYouth OneHeart Initiative team conducted a series of 2 progressive visits to assess and select the winning projects where Rwamwanja Secondary School emerged as winners and were awarded during the Emerging Innovators Forum.

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