U-spark project – OneYouth OneHeart Initiative


The project aims to create a platform that is designed and built by, with and for youth to enhance fellow youth social innovations and enterprises initiatives in Uganda.

The project facilitates a peer to peer learning platform for youth where youth are trained to use the power of media and information technology for connecting youth innovators and entrepreneurs to peer support and mentorship, building their skills in branding, marketing and networking and promoting culture of social ventures and enterprises.

The project intends to build enabling self- organized learning environments in young people’s lives on a peer to peer approach.

U-Spark delivers on:

1. ONLINE PLATFORM: Online platform that features youth social innovations and enterprises and connects these individuals to potential mentors and donors.

2. COMMUNITY YOUTH SUPPORT HUB: Community youth support hub will be created in strategic locations (e.g. community resource centers, youth groups and organizations) where youth innovators and entrepreneurs can reach out for mentorship support. A creative tool to map out innovative youth social ventures will be developed and all the initiatives collected at the hub will be featured at online platform.

The project directly benefits both refugee and host community youth who have already initiated innovative social ventures and enterprises and those who aspire to start up such initiatives but lacks encouragement and support to do so.

Feedback results from the project prototyping sessions;

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