Youth livelihood camp – OneYouth OneHeart Initiative


  The project aims at creating a platform that is designed and built by, with and for youth to improve youth social aspects and endorse creativity in youth.  The project facilitates a peer to peer learning and support platform for youth where youth are trained to use the power of teamwork, partnerships, creative thinking, human centered design and creative capacity building methodologies to tackle individual and social challenges, building their skills in problem solving, understanding of social challenges and promoting a culture of refugee youth and host community youth working together to improve their social lives and their communities at large. The summer camp intends to build enabling self-organized learning environments in young people’s lives on a peer to peer approach.

The Youth livelihood camp will deliver on:

Peer to Peer psycho-social support: This activity involves brainstorming sessions, debates and discussions for youth to actively engage in sharing knowledge and experience about the challenges that affect them as youth and how to overcome them as well as learning from themselves

Mentor-ship: This is done by fellow youth and invited guests. It inspires and motivates youth with ideas and passion to pursue their dreams through motivational speeches, ted talks videos and sharing success stories.

Training: This training features the human centered design (HCD) and creative capacity building (CCB) methodologies to enhance youth community involvement in community projects and promote youth leadership.

The Youth livelihood camp directly benefits refugee youth in settlements, urban refugee youth and host community youth. Providing peer to peer support among youth.

Pre-camp Visits:

These involve mobilizing youth participants and selecting youth participants.

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