Women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men. But they need access to financial capitals and facilities essential to more fully develop their assets, their land and their businesses. Refugee single mothers need a push to be fully business independent to sustain themselves and families. Our target is to support 50 single mothers. So far 7 single mothers have been given their sewing machines. Would you be one of those willing to support this great initiative and join me to address the dependency syndrome that has been used as weapon for decades to oppress women? Will you consider and willing to transform our society for better through women empowerment? Consider donating today as much as you can in order for us to purchase 43 more sewing machine to replace the ones that were sold during lock-down. Donate today by following the link below

Join Us in the fight to avoid the spread of covid-19

Our intervention to provide immediate supplies allows people to stay at home, stay safe, and continue to eat and care for their families during this crisis.

Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Partnering to build a platform where all youth co-create ideas, dream, inspire and change.

We are a youth-led initiative that was formed to bridge the gap between refugee youth and host community youth. It is a Community Innovation initiative that begun in 2015 and gave birth We are a youth-led initiative that was formed to bridge the gap between refugee youth and host community youth. It is a Community Innovation initiative that begun in 2015 and gave birth to OneYouth OneHeart Initiative (OYOH) which comprises of youth from the refugee and host communities that work together jointly to finding innovative solutions to problems faced by refugee youth (as well as nationals). Currently, OYOH is partnering with Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Windle Trust Uganda and UNHCR as well as other youth-led organizations and companies. We are young innovators, working to build a resilience refugee community, a community of creative young boys and girls with an entrepreneurial mindset. We co-create solutions to solve community challenges using Human Centered Design and Creative Capacity Building approaches. It is a constant process that helps a learner to improve on his/her skills, learn from his mistakes and ready to take continuous action to improve on his/her ideas.

What We Do


— We Train Youth on innovation using HCD & CCB

We train refugees and host community youth in innovation using Human Centered and Creative Capacity Building approaches to build resilient communities.


— We Build Networks & resilient Communities

We engage with refugee community leaders to jointly resolve internal conflicts. We train community based organizations on capacity building in areas of community leadership and financial literacy.


— We Provide, Co-create and Strengthen

We get involved in restructuring and realigning the refugee youth ideas by offering them technical, experimental support, provide a space and tools  to achieve their goal. 


— We Educate through school challenges

The school challenge focuses on enhancing the levels of innovations among students through peer-to-peer learning. The students will go through an intense hands-on innovation training to spark their creativity and innovativeness.


— We Enhance livelihood though boot-camps

The youth livelihood innovation boot camp creates a platform that is designed and built by, with and for youth to improve youth social aspects and endorse creativity in youth. The project facilitates a peer to peer learning and support platform for youth.


— We Promote Innovation and Build Capacities

We empower Refugee-Led Organizations in developing innovative solutions to their societal problems. We also helps them to develop business models which enables them to create resources to sustain themselves.

OUR Impact

Innovation Training for Sustainable Development

We have trained 360 youth on Human Centered Design, innovation management, Creative Capacity Building and Basic Technological Programming approaches using OYOH designed training curriculum. Refugee youth underwent through the Innovate Project, School Innovation Challenge and the Youth Livelihood Innovation Boot Camp Projects which sparked their creativity. This number is expected to increase in the coming years. Majority of our trainees have formed social enterprises and have managed to add a sustainability element into their lives and organizations.

Access to Timely and Reliable Information

We also highly advocate for the use of information technology. Increasing access to information and communication technology is a high priority of the education strategy and is in strong demand by the refugee population. ICTs will enable refugees to develop skills that are very relevant for living in today’s increasingly technological society. A Great Integreat is mobile-based platform coordinates updated information from all refugee support service providers to inform Persons of Concern on all available services, events and protection information. It was piloted in Germany.