Dream, Inspire and Change.

Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Empower youth.

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all youth have equal access resources in order to spark their creativities.

We are a youth-led initiative that was formed to bridge the gap between refugees and host community youth. We are a Community Innovation initiative that begun in 2015 and gave birth to OneYouth OneHeart Initiative (OYOH) which comprises of youth from the refugee and host communities that work together jointly to finding innovative solutions to problems faced by refugee youth (as well as nationals). Currently, OYOH is partnering with Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Windle Trust Uganda and UNHCR as well as other youth-led organizations and companies. We are young innovators, working to build a resilience refugee community, a community of creative young people of all genders with an entrepreneurial mindset. We co-create solutions to solve community challenges using Human Centered Design and Creative Capacity Building approaches. It is a constant process that helps a learner to improve on his/her skills, learn from his mistakes and ready to take continuous action to improve on his/her ideas.

Innovation is a significant positive change. It’s a result. It’s an outcome. It’s something you work towards achieving on a project. We believe that Innovation Drives Entrepreneurship & Achievement.


Innovation is the solving of the problem that gives ideas power, not an adjective slapped

onto PowerPoint slides. The act of creating something, even if it solves a problem, should

perhaps still not be considered an innovation

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces

Innovation is a significant positive change. It’s a result. It’s an outcome. It’s something you work towards achieving on a project. We believe that Innovation Drives Entrepreneurship & Achievement.OneYouth OneHeart initiative is a youth led initiative formed to bridge the gaps between refugees and the host community youth by co-creating innovative solutions to community challenges.  83% of youth between the age of 17 to 24 are unemployed in Uganda, to address this challenge, Oneyouth Oneheart Initiative sets up an Innovation Youth Empowerment Program that entails: U-sparkhub (www.usparkhub.com), the School Innovation ChallengeEmpower-Her Innovate ProjectYouth  Innovation Boot Camp and Relief Information Platform to enhance the level of innovation among youth, their creative confidence and boost their critical thinking. We have trained 600 youth in entrepreneurship using Human Centered Design and Creative Capacity Building Approaches. These training help youth to discover whothey are, the potential they possess and how best they can plan for their future by making informed decisions. Currently we are operating in Uganda specifically in Kampala, in the southwest in Isingiro and Kamwenge Districts Refugee settlements. But there is need to expand this program and make it country wide and why not the entire Africa as youth across the continent are facing the same challenges.


— Our Mission

OneYouth OneHeart initiative co-creates a platform where youth can dream, inspire and change.


— Our Vision

OneYouth OneHeart Initiative nurtures a generation of youth that goes beyond. The generation will go beyond any possible barriers, limits, themselves, frontiers, cultures, nations, boundaries, dreams and imaginations.


— Core Value

We believe in treating our beneficiaries with respect and faith. We grow through creativity and innovation. We highly value Honesty, Integrity, Professional conduct, Equity, Accountability, Transparency and Business ethics into all aspects of our daily activity functioning.